Help Lite-on SHM-165p6s DVD-RW drive not working correctly

Please someone help me, my Lite-on SHM-165p6s DVD-RW is not working right. it will kinda read cd’s and dvd’s. What i mean is it will read a cd or dvd but soon as i try to access any data on the cd or dvd it goes very very slow, and ends up not working at all. Also sometimes it will say a cd or dvd is totally blank when there is in fact data on the cd or dvd. i want to belive the dvd-rw drive is broken, but to say me 30 buck can anyone tell me if there is a fix for this. THanks.

When this happened to me I installed this hotfix from Microsoft which addresses a “hole” in XP SP 2 ACSPI 32 DLL.Stopped all erratic behaviour with the drive.

There is no Aspi on NT 5.x


Sorry! I meant ATAPI 32 DLL-early morning woes.

i have windows x64, could that be the reason maybe?


any suggestions on fixes? Reverting to XP is a last resort if possible.

No. You should be able to use that drive on XP64 without problems.
Please uninstall all CD/DVD related software, including virtual drives like Alcohol, Deamon Tools etc. If there is Nero installed, uninstall that also and use the clean tools provided by to remove any remainders.
Reinstall Nero (not InCD!) and make sure, you have the latest update for your copy (obtainable at