Help! Lite-On LTR-48125W won't work in XP!

I bought a new computer last month with a lite-on LTR-48125W CD writer running on windows XP. the first 2 weeks the writer was working fine. But in the last 2 weeks the writer (d:/) isn’t even recognized in windows xp. I made sure that the hardware is plugged in and working properly, it’s even in the system BIOS. XP knows the hardware is installed but says that the driver is corrupted or missing. I’ve downloaded and installed new drivers from the lite-on website and windows XP still says that the driver is corrupted or missing. I hope this isn’t an XP compatibility problem because I know several people who have the exact same model as I do and run it on XP without any problems.

Please HELP!! Someone told me that I’d have to re-install XP to fix the problem but I’d like to find an alternative to this.


I knew that I’ve read that text somewhere else already.