Help! Lite-on Dvdrw Sohw-1653s



I have a LITE-ON DVDRW SOHW-1653S and it’s having trouble reading CDs and DVDs.

I can burn CD and DVDs very well but when I put in a game or data disc, it recongises how much data is in the disc it but it kept showing up as a blank disc when I opened it through windows explorer. Somehow it works ok when I play a disc filled with video/audio files when I played it through WMP11.

I kept having to restart the computer with the disc inside so that the disc is properly recongised so I can get into the disc. My OS is Windows Vista Home Premium SP1.

I’m pretty sure that the drive’s lasers are still working, i’ve looked through the threads of simular problems with the same drive. So i’m pretty sure its something else but what is it?


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Do you have this problem with burned discs only or also with pressed discs?


Any disc I put in, even though the drive burns CDs and DVDs okay. Everytime I click the DVD drive through My Computer, it reads a bit and then i think it just gives up and a pop-up shows and saids “Prepare this blank disc” with a bar of what I should call the disc.


[QUOTE=Royalnine;2097792]…a pop-up shows and saids “Prepare this blank disc” with a bar of what I should call the disc.[/QUOTE]

:eek: I never saw such a thing. Did you install some software recently? Maybe there is some application that starts automatically when you insert a media on the drive.

Another possibility is that the lens are dirty and require some cleanings. There are some proper kits available in the market, but their usefulness is debated. Some thinks that the best cleaning can be done opening the drive and clean the optical pickup manually (not really easy).

Another possibility is that your drive is at the end of life. Maybe is time to buy a new drive :slight_smile: