HELP Lite-On 5045 - won't record off digital Toshiba TV

Hi - My Lite-On 5045 is connected to a Toshiba TV which has integrated Freeview. But I can’t actually find a signal for digital (i.e. tune the Lite On in) when I turn the Lite On on. Does that make sense? If I press record, using TV as the source, it ignores the fact I am watching DTV and just records the analogue channel it is tuned into.

How can I tune it in to the digital signal? The TV allows me to pick ATV or DTV as a source. But as soon as I turn the Lite On on, the TV switches to AV-1 - analogue.

Do I need to connect the Tv differently?

Or do I need a separate Freeview box? If so, what do I connect it to? Sorry to sound thick but I am not gadgety at all. I bought this because reviews said it was easy to operate. Not so. For me anyway.

Well, I’m no expert, but since no one else has answered===the 5045 is analogue signal only. It won’t record a digital signal source. Sounds like that might be your issue?