Help Lite-on 24102B firmware damaged

After i flashed my Lite-on DVD drive, my Lite-on burner screwed up (I may have accidently flashed it as well) as my Lite-on burner spat CD’s out as soon as i entered them. My drive was originally
24102B 5SOD so i went to to look for frimware for my drive. The same one was not downloadable (i searched as well) so i downloaded 5S5A firmware and ran it. My drive still doesn’t work. Can anyone tell me if i have permanantly damaged my drive or what i can do about it?

It may also be helpful if someone can tell me where i can find 5SOD firmware for my drive so i can flash it back again (that may help)

Check your PM

what is PM? I’m unfamiliar with the term.

Check your Private Messages, dude. I sent you one with a link for what you’re looking for.