Help! Lite-On 1693 Rip speed slow as molasses!?

Cannot extract DVD-ROM movie data faster than 1.1-1.5x, was going to dismiss it as poor drive but after reading all the raves about 1693’s speed…I’m beginning to wonder if there is something defective with my drive or the firmware?

I thought the 1693’s original firmware is up to date? Do I need to patch it to increase the speed?

Please help!

Patched will give you up to 16x CAV. The original firmware should be able to hit 8x CAV. So 1x is indicative of other problems. Check the usual suspects: make sure that DMA is turned on and that you’re not confusing encoding speed (which is dependent on the CPU/RAM) with ripping speed (which is dependent on the drive).

That may be true. Even after flashing the firmware to 16xDVD-Rom, 8x DVD+/-R, I’m still getting a “Read Rate” of 1.5x from DVD Decrypter. Is this the encoding rate? I do have an old Celeron 1.3Ghz /512MB running Win98SE. New computer getting in tomorrow, cannot wait.

Thanks for the help, will keep at it…

If you’re using DVD Decrypter, then you’re ripping. Check that DMA is enabled. See the general Optical Drives forum (the parent forum of this forum) and there’ll be a sticky about DMA there.

DMA was not on. With DMA on, it is improved to only 2.5x though…
Hmmm, do I have a lemon? Everything else about the drive seems okay.
I’ll have to run it through Nero’s Diskspeed or something to confirm…

My bad, forgot to turn the DMA on for the hard drive. Extraction speed now up to ~6x on average. This is after flashing DVD-ROM read to 16x.

Is this still abnormal?
Why does it still seem slower than my laptop’s DVD drive?


Try this:

Worked great for me - eh?