Help! Licence Key Purchase

Hi All,

I’m new here, wondering if anyone could help me with a little problem I’m having. I have come to the end of my trial version of AnyDVD and CloneDVD and have gone back to the site and gone throught he steps to purchase the licence key, got to step 4 (Complete). Could anyone tell me what’s supposed to happen now. Do they email me the key? How long does it take?

Thanks in advance for any help!

I would think they either send you a link to download the license key, but they should get back to you within 2 days, although usually they are quite fast on the turnaround (it could be hours or less; when I purchased my AnyDVD, it was only a matter of about 30 minutes or less). However they send you the license key, all you will need to do is double click on it to license your AnyDVD, and it will be licensed. Be sure to make a backup of both keys, however, for safe keeping. :wink:

by the way, welcome to CDFreaks. :slight_smile: Here’s the link to another poster’s question on this same thing, so you see the process. :wink:

Hi Quema34.

Thanks for the help, thought it would be a little quicker than that, but if I have to wait, I have to wait!

Guess I should have completed the purchase before the trial period ran out!

When I bought mine I think it was only a few minutes before the key was sent to me…make sure you are buying directly from SlySoft as well, beware of ebayers selling keys.

Hi Locoeng,

Still haven’t recieved anything, guess I’ll be patient for a little longer, thanks for the help.

Wouldn’t dream of buying something like this of ebay, purchased directly from Slysoft website.

Make sure you save the keys to a floppy or thumb drive or cd or whatever so if you need to reinstall you have a backup. Check the e-mail address and you should receive it soon hopefully!

Hi Scotton,

Thanks, will definitely save back-up copy, [I]when[/I] I recieve it. Am checking mail at regular intervals, still nothing.

They say patience is a virtue!

Transferring to AnyDVD subforum. Slysoft staff have a presence there and should be able to help you…

Hi :slight_smile:
@ snuffette, make sure you check junk mail etc.
As for what & how to register take a look here: Post #4 in particular should be helpful to you.

there should have been a download link when you clicked complete in addition to an email with the same link and also an attachment.

if you did not receive this email check your junk/spam filters.

if you cannot find the email ou’ll have to contact slysoft with your order information and they should be able to help you out.

it’s relatively common that email like that gets filtered to a junk or spam folder though so I’d certainly check there first.


… and if you didn’t you probably overlooked that the transaction did not succeed. You should contact SlySoft so they can check if your order is still in the queue. If it is not, you should order again.

I just purchased AnyDvd and recived an email within seconds with a link to the key. I agree that you should check your Spam folder.

I just bought AnyDVD too. At the end of the purchase, it popped up a window to ask me to download the key. As I downloaded it, it turned out to be Key.CloneDVDMobile! I am very certain that I bought AnyDVD. I unchecked all other programs when they tried to sell me a bundle. I still haven’t received any email from them. And of course, I don’t want CloneDVDMobile nor install the program. I contacted them on their site but I don’t even have a purchase reference number since there was no email sent to me. Any suggestions? Thanks!

You did printout the confirmation page, didn’t you? I mean, it is your receipt. You wouldn’t buy something from the store and not get a receipt.

Every needs to save a copy of their confirmations (for anything). I have a PDF printer driver so when I have a receipt, pay a bill, etc., I can just hit “print” and send it to the pdf driver and then save it as a pdf file.

Print them, pdf them, save them as web pages, whatever, but NEVER just close it out without doing something. What do you have to prove you actually paid? I guess you could always contact the cc card company to get involved but they may not have details of what you did, only that so much $ was paid.

I went to purchase ANYDVD and when i got to the final page is said order failed and something about manipulation? i dont even know what that means but i figured ok ill just order it again and see if it works, but before i did i checked my Credit card and they still charged me for the first time? so i dont know if i should wait or what? thanks,

Slysoft are famous for not responding to support emails. So if something goes wrong after the sale, and you do not get your key, or you get the wrong key, then you are, basically, screwed! You should of course have printed off your receipt as advised in this thread, but get ready for Slysoft to sit on their fat asses and not answer your emails or contact forms. It happened not only to me but also to a friend of mine.

Their programs are undoubtedly great. However their service and support sucks bigtime. Don’t say you weren’t warned!

It’s not that DixieNormous. Sometimes they just don’t get the emails.

Troll :flower:

I am having th same problem, can anyone tell me if I will get an email becuase I think pop up blocker was turned on so if they “pop up” a window with a license key, then I didn’t get it. Does anyone have a phone number for Sly Soft?

You should get an email from them tambrose. Check your junk mail folder. No need to cross post. It won’t get you help any quicker. Please do not PM asking for help.