Help! LG GSA-H10N writer problem?

before the problem started i was writing dvd that took about just 15 minutes but when i burned a dvd just last friday the read buffer drop to 33% or 30% when it reached it 20%-22% in burning progress

what is wrong? is it the hardware or the burning software im using

please i need some anwers :frowning:

and i havent been running any apps that would make my computer choke? :sad::sad::sad::sad:

Can you list specs of computer and software you use to burn? Also have you made any system changes? Can you post a burn log?

ok hmm

where can i find the burn log

im using nero 6

my specs is 1.2 ghz athlon processor, 256 Ram and 64 MB v card thats so far i can remeber ill try posting the proper specs tomorrow

i havent made any system changes it just happened so suddenly

do the brand or kind of dvd blanks affect this kind of problem?