Help! LG-GSA 4081B stuck in RAM mode?



I live in South Korea and bought an LG-GSA 4081B DVD multi drive.
I don’t exactly know what the ‘RAM’ drive feature does but the upshot of my problem is that I ran the ‘DVD-RAM Driver v2.1’ exe that came on the cd by mistake and it altered my drive.
The drives id in my computer is now ‘DVD-RAM’. And it does not recognize any DVD’s that I insert into the drive.
I tried to find an uninstall feature but couldn’t find any option to do that. I even formatted my entire HD and re installed XP but it’s still designated a DVD-RAM. I even took the drive out and tried it in another computer and it’s the same.
Can anyone tell me why it’s stuck in that designation and how I get it back to being a DVD reader/writer? I have updated the firmware to 104 but still no change.
The online manual only has limited info on how to use a RAM dirve.
There are various tools on the CD: DVDForm (format?), DVDRAMSV, DVD Tool, W RAMAsst, Setup, WPTool. . . . . I can’t find any way for any of these to reverse the setting.

Additional info:
About 8 moths ago I vaguely remember doing the same thing but somehow changing it back to a DVD reader/writer but now can’t and don’t remember how I did last time.

I took it to my local LG service center but they refused to look at it because it was meant to be sold outside of Korea (and therefore cheaper). I guess some enterprising wag diverted some product and sold it in the domestic Korean market (store has disappeared.)
I tried to tell him that I just need this advice but there was a language problem and without looking at it he declared that it needs a new lens and that it would cost the same to fix it as I paid for it. I don’t think he understood that it had been converted to dedicated RAM drive though.


Just from memory using W2K, I think you should see two drive letters, one for DVD-RAM and the other for normal DVDs.
I also seem to recall that I needed to ‘update driver’ and select the panasonic driver to get it to work properly. I don’t remember how to remove it… sorry.


I only saw one drive letter.
When you say ‘update driver’ what driver are you refering to? Do you mean ‘firmware’ or some driver specific to the dvd drive?
What do you mean by ‘panasonic’ driver? The drive is LG?


I meant the device driver in device manager… Of course, please remember that I am using W2K, and I seem to recall reading that XP has it’s own DVD-RAM driver that may need to be disabled or removed…
Any way, with my 4082B, the driver install didn’t seem to complete properly, so I went to device manager - used the ‘search for suitable driver…’ then ticked the box for install other driver found by the wizard, and selected the Panasonic DVD-RAM driver.
Currently my machine lists:
CD-ROM Microsoft cdrom.inf
DVD-RAM Panasonic oem16.inf
It’s the Panasonic driver that LG uses.
I have two drive letters for the 4082B: one listed as Compact Disc and the other as Removable Disk.

I hope that helps.


Hi alformats,
even though your suggestions didn’t work I thank you for your help.

The problem has be solved in a way.

After almost six months of research i have come to a dead end and admitted defeat.
My almost new DVD multi writer had a sofware driver for a different function that i misstook for the DVD read/write driver. Once i activated it it became a DVD RAM drive but there was no option to turn it back.
I researched this and check and double checked and tried so many times. I even teach English to a bunch of engineers at an LG research Lab here in korea and they did’nt know about it.
I finally took the only option that was left to me.

I removed the drive, placed it on the kitchen floor and hammered it to pieces with a heavy adjustable wrench that i found under my sink.

I am incredibly jacked off. I’d rather it was just bad production than rediculous design.

I just have to swallow the cost of it and buy another, hopefully more simple DVD writer.

Thank’s again for the help though.



Sorry, but your post made me laugh - I have the 4082B over here in England and its proving just as troublesome.

So it might be another kitchen floor job.