Help! LDW 401s@811s blinking red


I have a LDW 401s@811s. There were some issues so I tried to upgrade firmware to HSOR, now my drive is flashing orange/red. Have I messed up my drive? what can I do?

Please help…


download hs0r and omnipatcher from codeguys site. load the firmware into omnipacher and enable crossflashing. save it and flash the drive then.

Thanks for your reply!

I tried what you said but, it is still flashing orange, what can I do?


with which method have you converted the 401s to an 811s? just flashed the firmware?
you have to use the eeprom utility to convert the drive, just flashing a firmware won’ work!

i used the codeguy’s eeprom utility to crossflash 401s@811s and flashed the firmware to HSOR. i can burn at 8x. i burned a movie at 6x and got a blinking orange lite for a while before it finally burned and the copy wasn’t very good

can you help me fix this