Help! Laptop screen goes black

my laptop is on, and when i open it the screen goes on, but if i open it more than a quarter of the way the screen goes black. its still on, and if you look real close you can still see the programs running. but why does the screen go black when i open it more than a quarter of the way?


How old is your laptop? It’s possible that the ribbon cable from the screen to the main board could be getting bad from wear-and-tear. If you have a VGA port, can you connect a CRT monitor to it and try to see if you get images?

i got the laptop in december so its basically bran new, so i dont think its from getting old

I agree it shouldn’t be getting old, but sometimes, there’s no way of predicting when parts could go bad. You should still be under warranty, so you can try to get a replacement.

Hi , it sounds like it might be a faulty video cable , although it is new sometimes the cable could get a cut in it from the lcd being opened and closed constantly , so I would recommend checking the lcd cable especially if when it is not fully opened the lcd works normally and the light does not go off , you can also check this page it might be of help . Hope this will help

Update video drivers and bios first

The post was from 2006. I’m sure he has it fixed by now.