HELP: keyboard-buttons are switched!


The problem is:
SHIFT+8 = * becomes SHIFT+8 = (
SHIFT± = _ becomes SHIFT± = ?


Its not a problem of winxp because in win98 I have the same problem…

Has anyone a solution for this ???

Thanx in advance…

well this is just a guess but… did you check your “keyboard” in control panel?

see if that is set up right?

There is a utility to test the keyboard key press in Norton Utilities if that helps. There are some others that do the job as well.


Im downloading Norton Utilities 2002, hope that this option is included…

Can u/others please tell me which programs can do the job as well ???

BTW: the keyboard control settings are ok. :wink:

IIRC, The old SYSINFO.EXE from the DOS days could do that.

There is a slew of variants available from Simtel and other repositories.

Thanx, going to try to solve this frustrating thing !!


I found something on the simtel-site:

Now my question is… which one of these do I need to use to solve it ???

keyswap may allow you to redefine keys ?