Help! Keeps failing to burn!

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As far as unchecking your temp folder…no don’t uncheck it. As long as you can navigate to it and find the unburned files, you should be all set…that answers my question…thanks.
Actually, I’d suggest you delete all those files that are unburned, as long as you don’t need them. Maybe just keep the one you just ripped so we can use it to troubleshoot. As far as the others, they’ll just clutter things up and use up space.
When you get a chance,
> put a blank disc in your burner
> open Fab
> click on the folder icon, just to the right of “source” and browse to your ripped folder
> choose this folder as your source
> be certain to have dvd5 as the target size.

I’ll post a couple of screenshots…don’t worry that my temp directory has a different name. I have a separate hdd dedicated for ripping. It’s just called
E: emp.
So in this example, I simply browsed to the folder entitled
"Treasure of the Sierra Madre".
Fab displays this as
E:\Temp\Treasure of the Sierra Madre
as the file path
Then, I just click “ok” and the burning process starts.

My guess is that this will fail, but you never know…like I said, we’ll figure this out.

I’ll be around tomorrow AM and then again Friday

(C:\Documents and Settings\HP_Administrator\MyDocuments\DVDFab emp

I use the default and get:
C:\Documents and settings\Administrator\MyDocuments\DVDFab emp\mainmovie\accepted
with accepted being the [B]name_of_movie[/B] that is name of the [B]Folder[/B] were movie is stored until you click on [B]Finish[/B] which deletes the movie. You can also save it or burn another copy prior to clicking on Finish.


Hi allkindred, if your hard drive is on the first channel like mack said, and the DVD burner is on the secondary channel as the master, there shouldn’t be a competition for resources. That’s as long as you or someone else hasn’t been inside already switching things around, LOL. If that’s the case and it’s only a year old and SHOULD be safe and good to go I’d think. ~ Mike

Sorry mack, didn’t mean to interrupt here. You’re doing a fine job and I’m learning a lot watching too. LOL. ~Mike

No problem, some time builders try to save the price of a cable and put HD as Master and DVD as Slave. Sometimes it will work somewhat if you are just installing some programs.


OK! I did try to burn the way you showed, still came up failed. so I went into the sonic program and tried to burn a cd…success…tried to burn a dvd, one that I’d already had copied, and again…IT FAILED! Could I have burned out the burner? Can I replace just the dvd burner with one of the external ones and if so, is it easy?

Thanks again to all!!!

Just because a burner burns CDs does not mean it will burn DVDs as they are 2 seperate lasers.

Are you referring to removing the drive from the external case and installing it in the computer. That depends on the case. I would try using it as an external drive first. Is it USB2. You may have to turn the computer and plug the drive in and then turn the computer on and let windows recognize it. Then check to see if Fab recognizes it as a source or target with a disc in it.

If all works you should be able to burn to it.


AND! If there is one that everyone would recommend??? :smiley:

So it will just plug into the back like adding a printer? Is there one that you would recommend?thanks!

Kym :iagree:

Have you tried another brand, aside from TDK? I personally use TDK and have problems with it. It surprised me when I actually went to return a batch recently,“Oh ok, it’s just a bad stack then?”…As though customer service is well aware that it’s an ongoing issue. I had the same sort of problems as you, but I was using another dvd burning program (Nero) which made my drive wacky. I did many adjustments so that I could maintain a clean burn without any further issues and so far so good; I’ve deleted the dvd burner drive (reboot and Windows will reinstall), I’ve went into the Write settings and made these changes…6x for writing speed, SAO Writing for the Type, and it now runs like a dream rather then a nightmare. It doesn’t sound like you need to delete the driver, but in my situation it was needed since it wouldn’t allow me to change to DMA until after the delete and reboot. I’m not sure about the error codes, but I’d try to bring your write speed down to 6x and change the type to SAO.

Hello!!! Thanks for the input! what do you mean by delete the dvd burner drive and reboot and window will reinstall? Can you give me detailed instructions on just how to do that? Did it fall off line with the rest of the computer…like driving a car and you hit a pot hole and something was jarred from the car? I’m not really versed in computer, but I am learning, I’ve learned SO much so far on this site and everyone is so helpful without making you feel stupid!


Hi allkindred
To do that follow the steps below
Delete the driver or drivers in Device Manager, shut down the PC and (Disconnect) the burner or burners from your computer. then re-boot the PC and wait for XP to run and after everthing is up and running , NOW shut it down again. and re-connect the burner or burners, Now power up the PC and wait for XP to detect the “new” drive or drivers and assign the proper driver


I believe they mean that while your computer is off, to plug your DVD drive in, (yes like you would a printer) than turn the computer back on and turn on the DVD drive and that Windows operating system should show it connected.
Look in windows explore where drives are listed. Should also show up in the drop down boxes in Fab target and source.

Hi Tim
Yah thats the ticket…

No actually, there’s a much simpler method without physically unplugging anything. These are the steps you’ll need in order to reinstall the driver:

Click - Start - Right click on My Computer - Scroll down and Left click on Properties - Left click on the Hardware tab - Left click on Device Manager - Left click the plus box next to “IDE/ATAPI controllers” - Depending on how many programs utilize your writer drive(s), you should see somewhere between 1-4 Primary and/or Secondary IDE Channels; (It helps to know which channel your writer is on) So the best bet is to (unless you know which one it is, in my case my writer is the primary channel) Do this - Right click the first primary channel and scroll down and left click Uninstall.

It will prompt you if you’re sure and all that stuff, but go ahead and proceed with the uninstall with all primary channels, but ONLY the ones that specifically say “Primary channel.” Uninstall each one until each Primary is off the list (hopefully your writer isn’t the secondary, but if it is then use the same steps to remove the secondary). Now once the channels have been uninstalled and removed from the list, reboot your computer (without unplugging anything) and upon reboot a little balloon will appear at the bottom right hand corner of your screen telling you that it recognizes a new device and it will proceed to reinstall the drives needed to run the writer once again.

With that said, I DON’T suggest you doing that uninstall UNLESS you tried to go into the write settings and slow the write speed to 6x and made the “type” SAO. TDK has a very good layer of protection, BUT they use a very thin foil that easily burns/melts if the writer goes too fast. If you look at your failed discs under a soft bulb, slightly angled, you may see uneven burn marks or burn spots (circles sometimes) where the data was skipped or missing. You will only see these spots after the failed attempt. For this reason, I suggest you try another brand first before you invest all this time and effort into fixing the problem using the above steps.

OK! I’ve done the changes to the write settings to 6x and SAO. but now I put in a disc and there is no action. It doesn’t recognize a thing. What have I done? did I break it? The lights go but no sound of revolution of the disc. I’ve also checked the discs that failed. I can see the burn, but there were no spots. And I got some staples as the guy at the store said they were the same as memorex. I’ve only done 176 burns to back up most of my movies and I was in the middle of backing up my 3 yr old’s. Did I burn too many? Oh, is it ok to just put the back up on top of the main copy or does it need a buffer in between discs while in the case?

I tried using a memorex that I had with the lightscribe, still no action of the burner even starting up. I’ve done something really wrong?

When you open [B]My Computer [/B] does the drive show up in the list :confused:

Did you reinstall the driver yet? Now would be a good time to do so.

Yes! And I’m really afraid of uninstalling and reinstalling that I may not do it right and then it won’t come back up… :eek: I saw that in My computer that it is listed as devices with removable storage. It is the one that came with the computer so it’s not external. There is also removable discs cd drive, and drives G,H,I,J,L