Help! Keeps failing to burn!

Hello! This has been a great program to empower my 3 yr. old to use a dvd player, he scratches it or prints it up, I can make him a new one, and has saved my sanity…untill now!

I upgraded to the new program, but now after it copies, it fails to burn. I went through the threads and found out how to get the old program off of my computer completely, although one step, I couldn’t find the folder. I re-installed, still fail to burn. I have a hp with lightscribe, it’s only a year old, and I use tdk blanks. I am a novice at this, so please have heart! I need some assistance!

Which program and what version are you using?


if youll provide the burnning log or error message it will come handy… , also if you happen to use nero i’d probably like its log better as its very detailed… , basicly im saying that without the burnning log/error message it will be impossible to determine the reason

OH! Sorry! I’m using dvdfab platinum, the updated one…3.0…with the added features that you can split and custom your dvd’s and also put them to psp and other media. I had the other dvdfab for about 5 months with no problems!

It is just saying that it failed to burn, I hit ok, and then I get Process failed. I can burn cd’s with no problem, and quickly with the program that was already installed on the computer.

Hi allkindred
When you say [B]couldn’t find the folder[/B] what folder was you talking about :confused:

Hi allkindred,

Hang in there, we’ll figure this out.
As you’re probably aware…the more details you provide, the more specific we can be with suggestions and ultimately with getting you up and burning again.

So you’re familiar with fab (the old one), right?
Are you able to navigate to the ripped folder and view the movie off your hdd?
Is your burner identified as the “target”?

The folder that I couldn’t find when going through the clean uninstall of the old dvd fab was the “.pf” file. I cleared all the other ones. I also didn’t know how to do a registry clean up. I put REGSEEKER in the “run” program, but it came up unknown.

Hello! Thanks for helping! I don’t recognize the It was a basic one that just let you do the whole disc or movie only. Then I uprgaded to one that had more information on it the screen was purple. I think that I deleted the ripped folder. and I don’t know how to see that the target is the burner! Sorry! You have a stay at home mom who is really trying to learn the computer with a 3 yr old’s schedule!! But I’m GRATEFUL for the help and the respectfulness that has been given to me!

You shouldn’t have to uninstall the old one…
Not sure what you mean by

Did you click on the link in my sig, download the app and then install and run?
Be certain you don’t uncheck the box “Backup before deletion” It is checked by default.

Just seeing your post #9 right now.
We must’ve been typing at the same time… :bigsmile:

Bless you…doing this on a 3 yr-old’s schedule…you’re very brave!

I think the first and easiest thing to try is to download the program and install it again.

From here:

Hello! I did that yesterday after the “clean up” of the old one. I saw in a question/answer on a thread to “maccon” from Tim, that the old dvd fab could be corrupt and to re download. Anyway! I reinstalled and it was a little quicker on the copy, but when I put a blank in, it started to burn but then it stalled and came up failed to burn and would I like to try again. I did try again, but it immediatly came up failed and then process failed.

MAINEMAN! Thanks for your help! I have to take Ky to his speech class so I’ll be off line for about untill 11:00 central time. I am trying to think of anything else that I’ve forgotten to say about my problem.

Ok, need some specifics.
What movie are you trying to bkup?
Are you burning to an SL (single layer) disc?
Is your target size a dvd5?
Have you used this blank media before? What is the media code?
Nero CD-DVD Speed will display this…click on the link if you don’t have it.
Put a blank disc in and click on the Disc info tab.
Are you able to view the movie off your hdd (hard drive)

Sorry for all the questions. If anything’s confusing, just ask.

You’re very welcome.
My daughter and I are headed out to the vet ~ 1PM (EST) with molly (10 yo golden retriever…still like a puppy… :bigsmile: ). I’ll try to check back.
If we don’t connect, someone like signals, bigmacnc and StormJumper, etc., are usually around and will be glad to help you.


Did you download Regseeker to your hard drive or did you just try to run instead of save, If you saved to a folder go click on it then it will install and create an icon on your desktop, Click the icon to open and make sure back
up before deletion is checked then on the left hand side click Clean the registory, Hope this helps :bigsmile:

Hello really quick! You have a golden! Just little info! I used to be a vet tech, and it happened anyway, my golden shepard blew out her knee and is being picked up from surgery this afternoon…well retreviers are good at blowing out their knees just like humans, so if she’s active, you may want to make sure that her weight is in check and that she is careful in going up and down stairs, and running in the yard like a banshee(which all of my dogs do no matter their age!). It’s a costly surgery, but if you know to be mindful of it, you may not have to go through it! Thanks again!!!

I will download regseeker when I get home, I do a single layer disc, yes it’s a dv-5, and I use the discs all the time. I don’t know where to find the speed, but will go to your links when I return! The movies are Kyler’s toddler learning videos and my animated movies that he likes.

Thanks again for the help!

I didn’t know that it was a program to install :o but will install it when I get home from Ky’s class. I’ll let you know how it turns out!’

Everyone here is just so nice, it makes being a newbie more comfortable in learning!


ok and good luck, seems like you are answering mine and Tom’s post at the same time, but I figured it out :bigsmile:

Just keep in mind what Jim and I said…any questions or concerns, just post back.

Sorry, didn’t mean to leave you out of the help list…not sure how you feel about being referred to as “etc.”… :stuck_out_tongue:
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Oh well, as long as she gets the help she needs.
Thanks for pitching in.