Help K-Proble reboots machine everytime i try to run it



I have the latest version of K-probe and i am using windows xp pro with a 411s… All of a sudden everytime i try to run k-probe it reboot machine… I tried uninstalling it and reinstalling but does no good… Any else had this problem before and what did you do?


Do you have a Nforce2 mainboard?


Yes i do… I have the Abit Nf7-s 2.0 mb… It used to work with kprobe but recently starting having this problem…


I had the same problem with my nforce2 gigabyte board,it was the nvidia ide drivers plus the aspi drivers together that didnt mix,reinstalled the ms ide drivers and problem fixed,need aspi for certains apps.


I’ve got the same motherboard and did notice issues with the nForce IDE drivers, as others have mentioned. Uninstalling them and installing the MS IDE drivers did a whole lot for me.


Thanks alot everyone for your help… That solved the problem… Just figured with the new nivida ide drivers it would work but it just caused problems… Thanks everyone