Help joining blu ray files

hi i’m new ive been ripping for a while, and have decided to have a go at backing up my blu ray disc’s ive got the basic’s sussed but am having trouble with a couple.

instead of having 1 m2ts file they have several, can any one tell me how or what to use to join these files, i dont want to shrink them as i would like to keep them hd quality.

im useing anydvd to rip and tsremux to get rid of unwanted audio any help would be good.

Open your blu-ray with BDInfo and you will see the Playlist and mt2s files associated with it, including seamless branching ones. Then use TSMuxer, drag the playlist (mpls) to Tsmuxer and process as usual.

tsmux doesnt let me use the mpls files ive found the ones i need but am unable to use them. the only file tsmux will let me load is m2ts files.

How are you trying to load the playlist into TSMuxer? Works fine for me. If for some reason it won’t allow you to add the playlist, you can manually add each m2ts file in the sequence it shows in BDInfo.

Use tsmuxer, not tsremux (different software, sometime people confused because the names are quite similar).