HELP Joining 2cds to 1 complete Cd



HI there :cool: I am quite new to this,so i hope you can follow this ok :smiley: I have just downloaded a film and it came down as 2cds. Both bin & cue, And i havent a clue how to put the film onto 1 disc instead of 2discs??? :o . Thanx Sportacus :bow:


Legal download was it? :wink:


now now…nothing said so far has made it blatently obvious this is illeagle. :slight_smile:


Only one solution: Virtualdub.
Load the first file, Fike->append the second.

Turn off all processing of Video & audio & then save where you want :slight_smile:

There are also avi joiners out on the WWW just for this purpose :slight_smile:

Gee I’m glad those files were a legal download.


3 lifesavers based on VirtualDub:



Of course they were Legal Downloads! He read the rules when he signed up and knows he is only allowed to ask questions about Legal downloads! :slight_smile:



What coincidences. :bigsmile:


As no names are given we have to assume this is legal, innocent until proven guilty after all.

I have a couple of things I am curious about:
Why would you want to put them onto one CD?
Have you actually found somewhere that sells super large CDs? If so please point me to it as I have yet to find CDs that large.

If it is on two CDs this generally means it will not fit onto one, unless you re-code it and risk loosing quality…


Maybe he just wants to join the two files into a single file, for simple storage, or to add to a DVD compilation :wink:


I think the title makes that one a none starter mate.


Maybe should be a tad more specific.

If the CD’s are vids, you can extract the video files, and join them using virtual dub, or one of the variants with additional features/vid types supported.

If they are something other than vid’s, you can’t join them & but you can mount in a virtual drive & drag & drop the files into another folder & burn the files to a cd (if they fit) or a DVD if they don’t.

If it’s a program, or a game, you cannot as they are copy protected & rely on error-placement or physical characteristics of the cd & talking about this would be against forum rules regardless, as the thread creator stated that they were downloaded.