Help ! I've problems backing up CD+G Karaoke Discs


Can anyone help? - I’m trying to back up my original Karaoke CD+G Discs, but sometimes get a copy where 3 out of 17 tracks have noisy audio/distorted text graphics - Obviously copyright protected.
I’ve tried using both Blindwrite, and Clone Cd (with clony XXL), but problem still persists.

Any suggestions of other CD Copying software, or suggestions where I’m going wrong with existing software would be appreciated.
I’m using an Aopen Cr2040 writer which can read & write subchannel data.

Thanks in advance,



cdrwin !!!

Done them myself and yes tried clone etc but i got best results using cdrwin…

:bigsmile: hope this helps…

Thanks snout - I’ll try CDR win.

Although I’ve since found out I should try copying at 8x speed rather than maximum speed. - This appears to have solved the problem. And yeah, I’ve heard the Liteons seem to be the best burners { you show off you :wink: }

Thanks again for your response,