*HELP* iTunes Crashes When Importing CD



Windows XP…Latest version 6.0.4…iTunes crashes every time i begin to import a cd…very frustrating…any suggestions?


if your hearts not set on .aac or wma format just use cdex to rip it to mp3 and call it a day…:)…I’ve never used iTunes to rip a cd…I use cdex or Nero…:slight_smile:


Hmm…but i want to get my music on the iPod…that’s the problem…any suggestions on that? or am i missing something in your response…thanks!


are you trying to get it cd --> ipod? or cd–> hd --> ipod?


from cd to hd to ipod through itunes…itunes crashing a moment after hitting IMPORT CD.


can I ask have you used your usb ports previously for mp3 / printer / etc
before now?
and does the pc see your ipod when you 1st plug it in?


yes, i have used it previously…it does see the ipod right away


ok check out these 2 things

  1. change preferences to sync manually instead of automatically in itunes
    2.your system resources may be low so ensure you dont have too many applications running at the same time :iagree:


when u plug ya ipod in…i tunes should auto open up…click on file/add folder or add file to library…go to wherever your mp3’s are at and hit “ok”.When you’ve finished adding all the files or folders you want…hit file then “UPDATE IPOD” and it’ll import everything to ya ipod…:slight_smile:


NOSMARTZ…you rock! I should have thought about that! Actually, there are many programs crashing on my pc, so i think it’s a software conflict. However, the mp3 thing worked…thanks a lot. I can finally listen to my new music on the pod.


cool…:)…go here to check things u can uncheck in starup to help w/ u’r pc crashin and go here also to shut off unnecessary services running in the background…it might just be a bunch of apps running at once


Bear with me as I’m new to this site. Anyway, I am having the same problem as many of you regarding the importing of store bought CD’s into Itunes. I am using Windows XP and Itunes 7.7.1, which I downloaded just today. The problem seems to have appeared with Itunes 7.6, though I did not think about it at the time as my system was having other issues. I have tried to work around this issue by ripping the CD to Windows media player and then importing the folder to Itunes with no success. The import feature of Itunes immediately crashes the program every time, without fail. I have also changed my start up routine via running MSCONFIG as was suggested here, also without success. Any suggestions aside from visiting extreme violence on my computer?