Help is the Pacific Digital a liteon

hello, I just got a Pacific Digital 48x12x48 I thort it was going to be a liteon but I dont know it shows up as a cd-rw cdr-5w48 with firmware revision vsg3. can I make this a liteon


This is probably an OEM LTR-48125W. Before you flash it, please back up your current firmware and mail it to me. I guess there’s no real need to flash it since it cannot be overclocked further, but if you want the latest firmware, then use VS08 for the LTR-48125W.

I was one Pacific Digital site and they list the 48125W and then they also show the one I have cd-rw cdr-5w48 . but I would like to make it liteon 48125w . so if you say thats what it is then I’ll just flash to a liteon. and ok I’ll e-mail you the oem firmware


ok I backed up my current firmware and going to send it to you but can you help me when i go to flash it with vso8 it gives me and erro. here is what it says

erro:fail to open input file!

I have tryed down loading the bin file from your site a few time just in case the download was bad but still no good. any thing could be doing wrong? ’


Are you sure that you have the firmware in the same directory as mtkflash?

yes both are in the same floppy. I just updated my other burner that was a liteon 48x to the 52x and it works great but with this one i get that erro. downloaded a fresh copy of mtkflash155 and vso8.bin. I tryed doing it 2 ways made a win98 dos disk and put in mtkflash and the vso8.bin. booted up with that and tryed flashing n/g the other way was putting the mtkflash and bin file on a nother floppy booted up with the dos disk and then put in the floppy with the mtkflash and bin file still n/g same erro.the funny thing is I was able to make a back up of the one that came with the burner . I am stumped:confused:

I got it I feel like such and a-- :slight_smile: if I tell you what I wa doing wrong don’t lol. the bin is vs08.bin. I was typing in vso8.bin. the 0 is a # not a litter what and A–. lol

thanks for all your help I E-mailed you the oem firmware.


I just got your mail. Thanks a lot!

your welcome . and thank you agean