Help - is Philips PBDV16LS = DVDR16LS?

Hi. This is my first post. Having read the review of the Philips DVDR16LS i thought I’d try and buy one. I ordered what I thought was the right model from (Living in UK) it turns out that the model that has arrived according to Nero is a “PBDV16LS”.

My initial thoughts were that the PB simply stood for Philips British, and that it was equivalent to the DVDR16LS (Which im assuming is an american model). However, I am currently writing my first full Data DVD supposedly at 8x onto Bulkpaq 8x DVD-R. It is burning as I type, and am a little worried to see the buffer level constantly shooting from 40 - 90% and reporting that its taking up to an hour to burn 4 GB at 8x. Surely this seems a little odd.

Also, The firmware that is reported is version B1.8. I did try to upgrade to version P1.9 but the update utility refused.

Please can someone help. Have I bought the correct drive? If not, is there either a place in the UK that sells the reviewed DVDR16LS or can i force a firmware upgrade to that drive version??

Cheers - Coop

From the links I found on the PBDV16LSB everything says its a Lightscribe writer so it must be based off the DVDR16LS unless someone else knows otherwise…

There are no firmware updates for this drive on Philips site B1.8 is the only one so what you could do is crossflash it to the DVDR16LS firmware and update that to the latest version but doing so you will lose your warranty.

Download WinDWFlash and this DVDR16LS P1.5 firmware in cvt form.

Load the firmware into WinDWFlash and then flash it to your PBDV16LSB after the reboot your drive will be seen as a DVDR16LS and you can then update to the latest firmware for that which is P1.9.

You can also crossflash to BenQ’s 1625 firmware as well.

As for the buffer fluctuatuions;
Defrag your HD
Check to make sure UDMA mode is enabled
If NVIDIA or VIA IDE drivers present remove them and go back to MS drivers
Update chipset drivers (but in NV & VIA cases so not install IDE drivers)

Thanks very much 8T8. To follow on I have a few more questions:

  1. Which do you recommend? Cross-flashing to the DVDR16LS or to the BenQ 1625?
  2. Is this process reversible. i.e. Can I crossflash back to the original PBDV16LS?

Many thanks for the response and advice in the first place

BenQ and Philips media have their own strengths and weaknesses. Try the firmwares with your media, and see which works best. That’s really the only way to know for sure which one you should be using/

Not possible without the PBDV16LS firmware in .cvt form to use with WinDWFlash.


Great hint! Thanks for that! BUT:

According warranty issues i’d like to backup the original B1.8 but i don’t find it as a *.cvt and can’t find a prog to extract it…

Any more good tips?

Also if you want good quality burns you shouldn’t multi-task while burning, and turn off your internet connection.

You could start a thread "Request .cvt for (name of f/w) " and someone might make it for you :wink:

Without a released PBDV16LS firmware there will be no .cvt file, so currently there is no way back to the original firmware.

OIC :doh:

i thought maybe there’s some tool that could extract the firmware and than at least one of the guys more cunning than i can do some .cvt of it. but i really dont have any clou of these kind of progs. the highest level of understanding firmwares i ever reached is that you need a flashtool and a software to flash in a programable chip…
but i hope “the big one ot there” feels pleased to help some poor fools like me :slight_smile:

There is no known way to backup the firmware from the drive.

thanks for that reply! could have been more positive :wink:

Sorry, my RealityBender™ is currently offline :slight_smile:


I spoke to Philips today, and they told me that the DVDR16LS firmware could not be used to update a PBDV16LS. Philips would not support me as the PB is an OEM drive, and support should come from a retailer, which is why they do not maintain firmware updates.

Do you know for sure that it the DVDR firmware can be flashed to a PBDV?

Do you think Philips were telling me that it couldn’t just because of support issues?

I DID crossflash the PBDV >> DVR as many others here seemed to…
BUT: first it worked fine - now - some days later it does nothing anymore, especially it does not recognize any kind of media (not even newspapers!! hoho) although it is correctly recognized by bios and gives all answers to NeroInfoTool it should give.

got somebody help for that issue?

Dunno if this’ll work, but if you can find an offical original firmware for the PBDV drive you might be able to flash it back with Quikees BQflasher… Check out the stickies for link.