Help: Is MSI DR16-B2 actually a DW1620?



hi guys, i bought this MSI DR16-B2 today, and according to many article i read, it’s a Benq drive. so i flashed it with f/w B7P9.cvt, and it was successful. but then after restart, i checked it again with Nero InfoTool, it reports as what is the attachment.

any idea? did i do something wrong?


It sure doesn’t look good this way. I would try to reflash it with the B7P9.exe from Benq. Later flash the newest firmware B7T9.exe. Succes.


oh no…why dd you have to flash a msi dr16-b2 to a benq 1620


According to the guys at CDR Labs it is a 1620 just MSI’s version of the 1620 Pro

Like cor808 said try the official BenQ B7T9.exe flasher and see if that does anything.


i think Msi’s official m1.6 firmware is good enuf, why shld u flash it to benq’s ?


problem solved, it’s alright now. thanks anyway…:slight_smile:


the problem has nothing to do with the drive. ATA controller is the cause.


Could be that the MSI drive doesn’t support quality scan, QScan or other tools hao wants to use but that is just my guess. :slight_smile:


It supports everything for it is a 1620 Pro.