HELP! iomega 48x24x48 drive thinks blank cd-r is audio cd! i'm stumped

installed said external usb 2.0 drive & hotburn pro s/ware to compaq Deskpro EP desktop pc running windows 98 1st edition, whenever i insert a fresh cd-r to the drive it thinks the disc is an audio disc and reports it as having 1 x audio .cda file/track in windows explorer.

inserted a fresh cd-rw disc and same problem - tried the ‘erase disc’ option within hotburn pro s/ware which worked ok then ejected disc, as soon as disc reinserted the external cd-drive letter changes to the ‘audio cd’ icon yet again.

have tried the following:
> uninstall & reinstall all iomega related hardware, hotburn software & drivers
> disable all startup group items using msconfig
> connecting another 2 x identical drives (bought 3 together in one go for a work project)
> inserting fresh cd-r disc into pc’s internal cd-rom drive - does not show up as audio cd i.e. works as normal

please help!! thanks :slight_smile:

Welcome to the CD Freaks, Pooliefritz!

Will the burner work properly (i.e. burn CDs) even though Windows Explorer shows the blank discs as audio? It is clearly not a problem with the discs, at least if this only happens with blank discs.

Thanks for the response LiteOnGuy.

No the burner won’t burn at all, as it thinks the blank discs are finalized/closed audio discs so won’t allow me to add anything else in another session.

The only successful burning operation it performs is to erase a CD-RW disc, upon reinserting said blank CD-RW it shows as an audio CD once again.

I forgot to mention in my first post that I’ve also tried this drive on several other PCs, it installed 1st time and works like a dream so it’s not the Iomega hardware at fault.

I uninstalled the Iomega software again, this time also removing the ‘USB storage driver’ entry from within Add/Rem Programs (it came with the Iomega BurnPro s/ware); this time the PC went apesh*t - I rebooted to discover all entries within Device Manager had been zapped! So Windows set about reinstalling all hardware, once all devices were reinstalled I tried installing CD-RW drive again, now every time I connect the drive to the USB port the PC just hangs then ‘blue screens’.

Now normally I’d just reformat the hard drive and reinstall Windows, but there are some critical apps on the machine which I don’t have the reinstallation discs for.

Called the Iomega testicle helpline but they’ve not been much use.

Please watch your language, although I certainly understand your frustration.

Maybe the USB drivers on your machine are corrupted or outdated. If you can download some new ones from your motherboard manufacturer’s web site, that might help.

Already tried looking on the Intel site for updated USB drivers, unfortunately they re-direct surfers to the Microsoft site; I already have the latest version of the MS drivers which won’t work either. Thanks for your suggestions.