Help interpol to find this "man"?!

,and make him burn in hell :a :a !!

I think he staying in the blue room at the white house.



:bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

That idiot got caught, great.

I hope the Thai authorities prosecute him directly rather than letting him be extradited to Canada… Thai jails are much tougher I think.

They said he could get 20 years if sentenced in Thailand. Not nearly tough enough in my opinion!

whatever he gets I hope gets more than He deserves.

If he lasts 20 years in a thai Gaol.

I understand that in Oz, if you molest kids, you are not gonna have a good time in Gaol.

I couldn’t imagine thailand would be much different. Add poor conditions, no medical help, filthy diseases & Gaoler beatings, and I think it’s great.

What goes on in thailand … stays in thailand :wink: