HELP!: internet explorer and scan disk

recently when i tried to connect to the internet via ie6, an error occurred and the send error info to microsoft dialog box appeared. hoping that the error would just be a one-off i selected not so send info. i then tried to re-open ie and the same happened again. this time i decided to select send info - this crashed my pc!
when i reset my computer, i again tried to start ie and all seemed fine. untill that is that i tried to open a link in a new window. now, whenever, i try to open a link in a new window, or click on a link that opens in a new window, a window opens but loads nothing and just stays idle!

in order to try to solve the problem, i visited micrsoft’s website, which was quite frankly, f****** useless! i downloaded the latest service pack, hoping this would help, and after
an hour and a half waiting for this to download, it made no difference whatsoever! :a
i have:
win 98(se)
internet explorer 6.0.2800.1106is with sp1
dial up connection (freeserve)

the only thing that i can think that may have caused the problem was that it occurred shortly after using scan disk, which i always have problems with! it had been reporting the same
lost file fragments even after selecting ‘convert to files’ option.
when i last used scan disk i got fed up and selected to delete the files instead this crashed my computer and after restarting it took numerous restarts of my computer and scan disk before it will would even load without it causing come sort of fatal error!

Sounds like time for a reinstall. You can install 98 over itself and, in theory, not lose any data. You can do the same with IE6, but first check to see if you have an uninstall option for IE6 in add-remove programs. Are you sure there are no virus’ lurking about?

Or you could try Mozilla 1.2 wich is a much better browser


have tried completly removing ie6 and then installing again and no difference. really do not want to format hard drive as it would take me days to back everything up and restore everything again - did that when upgrading. thanx n e way
will try a virus check (just hope it is a simple virus, that can be resolved - never thought i’d wish i had a virus!)


thanx for the advice - hadn’t even thought of that - though i would rather use ie