Help installing GT LEGENDS

Hi guys

I’m new in here, sorry if I made mistake in the place of this post

Anybody can help me how to install the above?

I hanven’t the serial number and I suppose this instalation is just like POP T2T.

I anyone could inform the serial + a step-by-step, it will be very appreciate…

tks a lot

Request a new serial from the manufacturer, they may give you one if you have proof of purchase.

I cannot imagine you don’t have proof of purchase, because you might be breaking forum rules otherwise and I am sure you don’t want that.

of course i didn’t purchase anything man, and I also seen many pps asking about that (games dowloaded with problems during instalation) over here and nobody rebuke’em


Then go buy the game and you will get a nice new key with it that you can use when you install the game.

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