Help installing cd-dvd speed


I’m still pretty new to burning and headed over to
to download cd-dvd speed.

It mentions that I should have a ASPI manager in addition to the file I can download from this page. I followed the supplied link but it just seems to send me to a page that has nothing to do with anything ASPI.

I found something here,

I assume I want the wnaspi32.dll at the bottom?

What does this file do and is it really necessary?

thanks very much for reading!

Try to read this post

I suggest you just try running it first.

Nero’s info tool is quite useful for telling you what’s installed , like ASPI drivers.

Hi all,

I don’t have a nero suite installed, just cd-speed. I can’t find a way within that to see if I have an ASPI driver installed.

As far as the ForceASPI install that is referenced by geno, does that work well with cd-speed? I wouldn’t just want the file from nero’s site?

will get ya Nero Infotool, it will tell you if aspi and nero aspi are installed among other things.

I went and grabbed a copy of neroinfotool. When I look to see what ASPI is installed nothing comes up.

I believe I don’t have anything installed for windows itself. I tried to follow the instructions on the site where it says you can copy an ASPI driver into the folder that you run cdspeed from. I went to and grabbed a copy of wnaspi32.dll and put it in the same folder as the cdspeed executable.

Is doing this enough to ensure that cdspeed has an ASPI driver but perhaps info tool isn’t seeing it?

Do I even need an ASPI driver for cdspeed? What does it do?


Have you tried installing and running it but get some sort of error message?

An ASPI Layer is used by many applications and rippers to establish better communications between the ATAPI devices.

ASPI stands for Advanced SCSI Programming Interface. Originally developed by Adaptec. It is a software layer that enables programs to communicate with SCSI (and ATAPI) devices.

Radified Guide to ASPI Drivers

There is no install for CD-Speed. Just run the file.

And to quote cd speed website:

Note: For Windows NT/2000 and XP an ASPI manager is highly recommended and mandatory for USB and Firewire drives.
The Nero ASPI manager has been tested extensively and supports all interfaces.
To install just copy this file to the installation directory of the program.
If you have Nero installed you do not need this!

In other words the ASPI manager is not always mandatory…