Help installing 3500-A firmware

I downloaded the latest 21A firmware from the NEC website and checked out the readme file for instructions on how to upgrade. And the instructions are bit bewildering to say the least.

Connect drive to secondary IDE channel as Master

Disconnect all slave hardware from IDE secondary Master

Use standard UDMA-2 IDE cable

Update in Windows “Safe Mode”

Under Windows 2000 & XP login as administrator

Update without DMA mode, under Windows XP & 2000 in the device manager - “IDE ATA/ ATAPI controllers”, you can switch from DMA to PIO mode

Disconnect all external USB/ FireWire devices.

Deactivate virusscanners, active desktop programs and packetwriting agents

Do not turn off power during the updating process.

Note: Warranty will be lost during false updating procedure, especially unofficial modified firmwares were used before.
In such cases we could not offer you a solution any more. You have to repair it by cost then.

First of all, are all these steps really necessary?

Second of all, what does it mean to connect drive to secondary IDE channel as master? How do I determine which cables I have? When they say disconnect USB devices, I’m guessing from the computer? If my mouse is USB, wouldn’t that make it more difficult to use the upgrade software? What are packetwriting agents, and how do I determine whether I have any of those, or active desktop programs running?

I have never followed all these steps when flashing NEC firmware and I have never had a problem.

Is it necessary? If something goes wrong and you want to be able to complain about it in good faith to NEC support, then I guess maybe it is.

IMHO the complexity of this list is like NEC saying: Please buy a drive from one of our competitors and put that in your machine instead, because here at NEC we don’t really know how to make firmware updates in a safe way. :rolleyes:

In other words I think it is ridiculously complex, and shame on NEC for trying to force you to do that.

The points from the list you should definitely do are:

[li]Under Windows 2000 & XP login as administrator.[/li][li]Do not turn off power during the updating process.[/li][/ul]A packetwriting agent is a driver or utility that lets you use a CD-RW or DVD+/-RW (and sometimes a CD-R, DVD-R or DVD+R) as a big floppy disc. Examples are: InCD, Drag-to-disc, DLA

Active desktop programs would be those you can see in the taskbar.

If you’re going to flash your firmware without following NEC’s description to the letter, you may as well consider if you want to try Liggy+Dee’s modified 2.TG formware for the NEC ND-3500 which has some nice improvements.

See this thread: Liggy & Dee NEC ND-3500 Modified Firmware V 2.TG Results & Support Thread

I’m a little nervous about using unofficial firmware, as I’m afraid of voiding my warranty, but I think I’ll go ahead anyway.

Can I go straight from 2.16 to 2.TG?

And what’s the difference on the download page between slow and RPC1?

one has riplock and one does not. reading the thread would help

Actually the one that doesn’t have riplock isn’t on the site, at least as far as I can see. The RPC1 was just the region free patch (found it on the FAQ)

edit: nevermind, the rpc1 was also the riplock disabled version. my mistake. i thought there was a non-region free riplock disabled.

Use the rip locked removed one at Liggy and Dees site! Works great! I think it is labeled FAST!