HELP! Incomplete DVDs!

Happy holidays to all!

I am running a computer with a TDK 840G burner. I am running DVDXCOPy Express, DVDShrink, and DVDdecrypter. I have been burning fine iwth these for a long time. Recently I tried to burn movies and they would play on the PC but not on the Standalone DVD player.

I checked the disc and they all say INCOMPLETE when I did a read using DVDDecyrtper. I looked at backups that I mad previously and they say COMPLETE. DVD X COpy Xpress says done successfully yet the dvd is incomplete.

Using Ritek R03 8X media and I changed over to TDK 4X media that I had and the same results.

Could my TDK 840 G have went out?

hello,i purchased a samsung dual layer dvd burner & cannot burn dvd movies,it reads the movie but has problems writing the movie.After attempting to write the dvd i get a error message,it says go to view log for error discription.out of 30 recordable disc i was only able to burn 10 dvd seemed to do better on -dvd recordable disc & in the process of recording my samsung burner would not even recognize the +dvd recordable disk,sometimes the +dvd disc would burn 1 hour 20min dvds & most times it would not.i have did the firmware tSO6 update.i had originaly had tSO4 version.Please dell tech help line has had me reformatt my computor numerous times but that has not helped with my problem.i have windows xp home edition.