Help in writing to dvd

I was always a user of DVDXCopy Platinum until it can no longer read the new Dvd’s. I purchased 1Click and downloaded DVD43 decrytor. I can not get these to work at all. They will not read, more less write. I then downloaded the 21 day trial of AnyDVD and CloneDVD2. After several tries, I finally got it to read the Dvd. When it switched to write, it got to 18% and quit writing and kicked the Dvd out. Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong with either of these programs?

What burner are you using ? What software are you using to burn ? What make of media ? What speed are you trying to burn at ?

  1. defragment hard drive.
  2. use quality disks (verbatim & taiyo yuden.
  3. check you have enough hd space.
  4. update firmware.

More info is needed, I agree with Liquid and C@t, also disable DVD43 and DVDXCopy, they sometimes conflict with AnyDVD. Check these posts if you still have problems, standard procedure: and post #12 at: