Help in Splitting DVD using the new DVDFAb

Congrats on the new release…
I have been trying to play around with the new Fab but am having problems in Splitting my DVD9s to 2 Dvd 5.
The earlier versions were very simple where I didnt have to look at so many options, just choose split and press next. In this new release, there are so many chapters we have to choose ourselves, also the preserve menu on disc 2 is not getting clicked.
And when I tried to split the Dvd…it splitted in a very odd way…some extras were on disc1 while others were on disc 2.
The earlier versions did a good job at detecting the main movie and extras itself.

Am I missing something? Is there a simple way to split dvds like the old one did?

For now I am back to using Anydvd to crack the Dvds and am using DVdfab (the previous version)to split my dvds.

Any help will be very much appreciated…to facilitate my transition intothis new software.
Cheers and thanks

I have never used that mode but took a look at it and it appears to split automatically with option to customize more. The screen playing is so you can see what is on a clip and unclick those with warnings or previews if you choose too. Also you can insert a change disc and retain menus on both discs. Looks like the older one with more options. Get a couple of RW and play with it until you learn how you want to do it.


Hi vikc,

The default settings for split is good for almost all cases, you just need click “Next” to process.

DVDFab will enumerate all possible split-point, and you can choose “Split title” and “Split chapter” to change it.

“Preserve Menus on Disc2” may be disabled sometimes, since the menus are too big (You can check the file size of VTS_XX_0.VOB), so that DVDFab cannot preserve it on both discs. It’s same as DVDFab 2.x.

We will improve Split in the future, please share us your thought and suggestions, thanks.

Best Regards,

Thanks Fentago,

I did follow the advice you suggested to just press next in the split option.
But it didnt do the wonders I was expecting. TO brief you up…I checked the PReserve menu in disc 2 and I also checked the jump to title on disc2.

I was very very impressed by the speed this new version splitted the disc…Super fast…that was wonderful…11 mins for a 8 gb disc.

But again the split titles were all messed up…The movie was definitely done to perfection…no glitches there…
But unlike the previous versions, the extras were mixed in Disc1 and Disc 2, both.
Another annoying thing was when Disc2 was inserted, instead of jumping directly to the main movie, it started with intro menu…FBI warnings etc…n then went to the main menu of the DVd…( I had checked the jump to title option on disc 2).
IS there a way I can get all my extra features on Disc 1( like the 2.x versions) while just the movie gets split? And also how can I get the main movie to start playing when I insert Disc 2?

I tried a lot of DVds…but the result was same…

Thanks a lot for your help so far.

Hi vikc,

  1. We will add optoin to keep extras on disc1 or disc2 as many as possible.

  2. I’ll check “Jump to split title on disc2” problem asap.

Best Regards,

hi fengtao

any news about this:

  1. I’ll check “Jump to split title on disc2” problem asap.


A post from Ting in another thread said they had found a problem with the split function in beta and would fix it in the next release.

[QUOTE=vikc For now I am back to using Anydvd to crack the Dvds and am using DVdfab (the previous version)to split my dvds.QUOTE]

Fab and AnyDVD conflict. You need to disable AnyDVD and make sure it does not load.


Hi dalv_lucard,

“Jump to split title on disc2” problem has been fixed for some time, but I don’t remember the exact version. Please try the latest version to see the result.

Best Regards,

I am having problems in Splitting a DVD9 to 2 Dvd 5. I select split, then I click next (I change nothing)
I keep getting error message… “Media inserted is single layer”, “Please insert a double layer media to start the write process”. What am I doing wrong??? I wnat to split a Dvd double layer to 2 Dvd single layer (DVD9 to 2 DVD 5s)

Long Time Ago

Hi cagrumman@insight,

Please try Beta to see the result:

Best Regards,

In the new DVDFab, splitting just the main movie is a hassle, requiring 2 separate rips and manually choosing the split points each time. In the older versions, when you choose MainMovie you get to select the program AND how many DVDs it will be put on. Am I missing something, or is this feature missing in the new ones?

Can’t it be put back so it’s an easy, one-step process?


Is the little box in lower left corner set as DVD5, when Platinum analyzes the source?
Some DLs now have some compression making them larger than expected size. I know I while checking out different methods I realized that when I analyzed the disc DVD9 had been set as target size. I cannot remember setting the target as DVD9. I use 2 drives and load blank media at same time as the movie, so when it took longer that usual I went over and a message that target had wrong media.


I’m a newbie running DVDFab v. When I try to split the movie Babel, the main movie (Title 1) splits at chapter 12, which is fine by me. In the lower section of the screen, I deselected all check marks from the Disc1 and Disc2 columns, since I don’t want titles 2, 3, 4 and 5 on either of the DVDs. Those titles are just previews.

When I click Start, however, I get an error message telling me Title2 must be in Disc1 or Disc2. But I don’t want Title2 at all (or Title 3, 4 or 5 for that matter!) What can I do to get around this? Or is it a bug in ver

Please help!

Thanks mucho.

Hi, Josh. Don’t think that’s a bug, but you should still upgrade to the latest version ( as this is being written). Your version probably works OK but is lacking many copy protection updates and other new functions.
As to the split mode, I think what you are seeing is normal. For complete control over what’s on each disc of a split, try doing a “manual split” using Customize mode. Just select the titles you want on disc one and use the “Advanced Title Setting” button to clip the main title at the end of the chapter you choose. Burn that to disc or folder, then do it again for disc 2, selecting titles and using “Advanced Title Setting” to select the starting chapter for the main title. This also gives you the option of preserving or eliminating menus on each disc. This process will run faster if you do a Full Disc rip to your HDD first, then use that as the Source for the “manual splits”. If you prefer the regular automatic Split mode, you can get around the problem by first doing a rip to your HDD using Customize and eliminating the titles you dont want to be on the split in that step, then use that output as the Source for Split mode. Hope this makes sense. Post back if not.