Help in Purchasing certain DVD Drives

What are some sites to get these products? I cant seem to find them on

Samsung SH-S203
Pioneer DVR-215

You should be able to buy the 215D directly from Pioneer USA.

The Samsung has pretty much disappeared from the market now. One of our members was hunting for one a couple of weeks ago and came up empty I believe.

Why are these burners so hard to find?

[QUOTE=vietkangta;2133489]Why are these burners so hard to find?[/QUOTE]


'Cause they are out of production and the pipeline is nearly empty-eh


Found a refurbished 203 here:

Have bought from this online reseller a few times - all good experiences-eh!! no longer has the 215 (black or beige). I had ordered a black one on the 24th, and I just received a call today telling me they were out of stock/no longer in production. They asked me if I wanted a 216, and then they asked me why I wanted the older model, and that a number of other people had requested the older model as well. I just canceled my order because I wasn’t sure how good the 216 is compared to the 215. Now I have a new system build with a 8 year old DVD drive (no burning capabilities). Need to research other drives :wink:

Pioneer needs to start reading commentary around here is all I’ve got to say! :slight_smile:
You should have sent them a link to the “mediocre results from 216” thread. I’m sure they would have appreciated it. :bigsmile: