Help in nero vision 4

Hey can anyone help me? Im trying to burn 9 episodes of naruto in one DVD… and when its done burning it always says there’s an error but it did burn, the problem is this… when im trying to play the dvd on my player even in my computer the two last episodes wont play? what do you think is causing this? can you specify to me what i should to fix this problem? Im using nero vision because i want to edit menu chapters…

It could be several issues. But lets start with the basics. What format are you using. Are you burning avi files as data, or are you converting them to DVD format? Burning as data, your limits are based on file size (SL = 4.3gb or DL = 8.2gb). For burning as video, your limits are based on time (basic guidelines: SL = 2 hours or DL = 4 hours).

Assuming you are converting, then my first thought would be Nero. It’s a burning application, everything else it tries to do, is average at best. Get a better conversion tool. ConvertXtoDVD would be my first choice, aside from that, try DVD Flick or FAVC.

You could also simply have a bad/damaged file and that is causing the error.