Help in Multisession DVD-R Burning!


I just bought a new Lite-on LDW-451S DVD Dual Burner and have been trying to get the multisession to work, using Nero 6.3.

At first I tried to make a disk using ISO 2 format, the drive (barely) only read the first session and wouldnt read the rest of the sessions. Then I switched to UDF 2.01 it seemed to be working at first, meaning nero could detect the multissession tracks before finalizing the disk (even though the files wouldnt show on explorer) and now I’ve finalized the disk and I’m back to sqaure one with the explorer showing the first session only… both on my (Burner) Lite-on LDW-451S and my (DVD ROM) JLMS HD-1665.

Any help would be greatly appreciated… Thanx

Though one thing is really pissing me off is the wastage of so many DVD-Rs :a anyway I’m using Fortis 4x DVD-R as the media.

well looks like after a LOT of experimentation (and sooo many wasted DVD-Rs) I’ve finally managed to make the damn multisession thing to work… seems to ONLY work with UDF 1.02. Can anyone tell me why is that so. Also as a newbie to DVD Burning, is this format appropriate for standalone dvd players? Can I use Multisession when I want to make it work on standalone players?


PS Another thing is that even though multisession DVD-Rs I’ve burned seem to work they ONLY work on my DVD ROM Driver not the Burner … is that normal!