Help in making MP3 DVD

Hello Freaks,

I need help in making MP3 DVDs. :frowning:
Currently these MP3 files are copied to a CD which play well on my Sony DVD player DAV-DZ100.
However when I burn these MP3 files onto a DVD using either the Data DVD mode or MP3 DVD modes, the finalized DVD does not play on this Sony DVD Player. It says “Cannot play disc”.

How then do I copy these MP3 files onto a DVD disc which will play on the Sony DVD Player.


What burner, firmware, and media are you using? Are you using + or - discs? If you are using + then maybe your Sony standalone DVD player does not support them. If your player is a couple of years old then this might be the case. You’ll have to set the bittset on your DVD burner to - (if it supports this) to trick your player into thinking that the DVD is - and not +. But if you are using - DVDs then i have no clue as to what is wrong. :o

Initially I did use a DVD +R. It did not play on the Sony DVD player. In order to avoid any loss of further DVDs I burnt the MP3 files on a DVD -RW. But now this as well does not play on this Sony DVD player.

This is actually a Sony DVD Home Theater system & only about a year old since I bought.

Isn’t there any other way to make the MP3 DVD and play it on the DVD player???



Anyone who can help me with my problem
I am desperate for a solution here

It’s not clear from the specs whether it’ll play DVD MP3s or not.

It does state however that not all DVD media is playable, not very helpful.

I’d contact Sony and ask them as not all DVD players will support MP3s on DVD anyway.

I dont know about this specific home theater but the Sony I bought last year (it already broke and I forgot the model number) could not play MP3s from DVDs. It could play them from CD… So I would re-check your manual before waisting more DVD medias…

Exactly, they cannot.
The only way is to transcode the mp3 to mp2 and then use special software to create a fake Video-DVD…


Why not purchase a DVD Player by Philips DVD Player? It will play any media file.

You can try to convert the format.
it have many software,you can choose one to try first.