Help in making a cuesheet (I use Exact Audio Copy but...)

Sorry for my dumb question, but I’m quite a newbie on this stuff.
First, I’ve a version of Nero I cannot understand. I set Nero to record DAO placing ‘pause=0’ and I can hear a little interruption of the sound between the 2 traces, so than recording a live CD is impossible.
Maybe it’s a fault of my burner (I’m forced to use the ‘Virtual Image Recorder’ with Nero and burning the .NRG file that Nero makes later, with Alcohol 120%, because Nero cannot see my burner.
Therefore I’m tryng to make a cuesheet wit EAC, to burn it with Alcohol 120% later (if I add WAV wiles Alcohol 120% works, even if I add MP3 files Alcohol 120% dont’, and only Nero does, but at least even in that case I can make a Nero .NRG Image).

The question is this: in the ‘Tools___Write CD-R’ screen I can do three things:

  • Append Files As New Trax (Index 1)
  • Append Files As New Trax (Index 0 and 1)
  • Append Files As New Index

and I can check the option ‘Add 2 seconds gap on append’.

Well, what’t the difference between the 3 commands written above?

I cannot understand the difference between ‘Append Files As New Trax (Index 1)’ and ‘Append Files As New Trax (Index 0 and 1)’ and I cannot understand the meaning of - Append Files As New Trax (Index 1)
Append Files As New Index.

What do I have to do when I compile a CD?

And if I add ‘mixed’ traces (no pause between trace N and the previous one) what must I do?

Please read the quickstart manual [[]]


You could try burrrning audio with a different program

i dont recommend alcohol for burning audio.
I have problems with clicks at the end of the tracks.
burn with feurio! or even nero