Help in editing DVD into smaller, emailable clips?

Hi, I am a newbie here, but am pretty decent on computers. I have Windows XP. I have a homemade DVD that I would like to be able to edit, or rip into much smaller 2-3 minute clips that are small enough in size that they can be emailed.

I have tried several already, including AVI Moviemaker for Windows, etc. but even then the clips I got were so huge (like 2 GB) that they cannot be emailed or uploaded to Youtube. I spent like $90 on a software by Pinnacle and it sucked, it didn’t do what I wanted it to do. There are so many programs out there, I just don’t which would do this particular type of service.

Is there a software program out there I could purchase that would be good for editing DVDs into small clips that can then be compressed into very small files?


I think maybe Xilisoft DVD Ripper 4.0 could do that. Their website said it can ripp the DVD into an AVI /I just picked one but it can make Divx or mpeg too/ and as I’ve saw it on the picture it would be able to split it into smaller clips based on how long you want them to be. I say it worth a free download to see if it’s really working.

DVDShrink will allow you to make as small of a clip as you’d like from that DVD (down to individual frames if you’d like), using the ‘Start/End’ function in DVDShrinks ‘Re-Author’ mode.
DVDShrink is free and it will keep those small clips in DVD conpliant VOB, IFO, BUPs so that they can be put straight to disc by whomever you e-mail it to, without having to convert them from an AVI or MPEG.