Help in converting .vob video please?

I’ve just joined and here is my first “silly” question!

I need to upload a video to my school website. When I try to play it on my computer it says “Windows Media Player cannot play the file etc” - it will play on Nero Show Time though. The file is well over 700 mb (way too large for the website) and the file extension is .vob.

My questions are: is there a way I can convert this file to play in Windows Media Player? and how on earth can I make it a smaller size?

Sorry if this is a dim question but I’m well and truly stuck here!


Just use AutoGk and set to custom size…

Install this as well to view with WMP…

And BTW,wc to forum!..:slight_smile:

Oooh brilliant! Thank you!!

I have another question about reducing a powerpoint presentation, also to go on a website. But I’ll leave that one till I’ve got this sorted.

Thanks again,

Wendy :slight_smile: