Help in choosing plextor vs. liteon 48x burner please

ordering new alienware setup for my xmas present as kids take over dell.
i have the excellent plextor 2410a now and my choices for alienware are (now) liteon 48x12x48 or plextor 40x12x40a

but they are getting the newer plextor 48x24x48 which is reviewed here (but hopefully will get a firmware update to address the issues mentioned).

the money savings isn’t the issue i am getting the new intel 4 3giger and audigy2 platinum,new megaworks 510d replacements to be thx550’s or something like that as i don’t think there 6.1’s will be out by then and with drm there is no more digital connection for speakers (on my 3rd set of klipsch 5.1’s now so they are out as too unreliable for me) along with ati 9700 pro (first ati card for me after being a staunch nvidai supporter but wish to get into lots of video/audio editing.

so is there a clear choice among these 2 burners?
i do not copy playstation stuff but mostly audio.
and lastly what a great site here with lots of cdr help.

i use tdk certifed 24x cdr red label from circuit city and see lots talk of ty media where would i get spindles of 50/100 of these?


and i did crosspost to get opposing views to make an intelligent decision.

If you deal mostly with audio, go with the Plextor.

If you dont care about RW speed, unless they give you the 48126S model which lets you overclock to a 52x24x52x as soon as the firmware for it gets out which should be soon, and if you really need to like copy games, which seems sorta important if you got a gaming machine like Alienware, great system btw, I gotta recommend Lite-On.

Plextor’s good part is great at audio, and just about at reading everything, and if the Plextor 24x is any indication, its quiet as hell, though the Lite-On aint bad. But Plextor can’t copy games farther than like Red Alert 2, such as MOHAA.

Also I think Lite-On is cheaper for Alienware.

I don’t know about the more recent plextor drives, but the plex16 that I used to have produced an oddly high number of failed rips on CDex. There is 2 LiteON drives in my computer right now (LIteON LTD-163D DVD and LTR-40125S overclocked to 48x) and I am absoultely %100 happy with them. I reccomend liteon to anyone. The speed is great, they have excelent media compatibility, and the burn quality is top-notch! Plus, in an alienware setup, I think that the Plex drives come with Easy CD Creator, but the LiteON drives come with nero (much superior to Easy CD). Either way, I think that you will end up with a good drive, but I would reccomend the LiteON. I wish you the best with your new system.

oh yes, I nearly forgot. A liteon 48125W flashed with the VS08 firmware can copy most protected audio CDs, I have been told.

Thanks for all the help guys. I’m gonna wait for the 52x /24x/52 Liteon when it arrives in the stores.


Why not just buy a 48126S and just flash it to a 52246S? I’m going to do that as soon as its out. I would have gone to it using the firmware from Memorex, which from all reports is completely successful, cept I don’t got any ultra speed cd-rws.

yes, dfourthhorseman has a good point, you would get the same quality burns, and the same speeds for about 3 minutes work. It is a very simple process, and the chance of failure is EXTREMELY low, (less than one percent, i’m sure). I know for fact that the insides of the 2 drives are the same, and therefor a 48246 flashed to 52 will work just the same as a real 52

thank you so much for your comments.

they both seem to be top shelf

i like my 2410a

the latest plex didn’t get great reviews at one of the cd sites was it this one?

but they are solid, and liteon also seems like most users are real happy with them…flip a coin?

thanx again