Help in choosing CD-Rs



I use to go for whatever was cheapiest (usually ridata) but this time I want to use good discs.

I’ll ordering from
What do you think of this one:


Taiyo Yuden is a quality product, there probably isn’t much around that’s better.

Verbatim is always another good option.

The same advice applies to DVD media as well.


Well the TY are great. Thermal Printable TY is cheaper but easy to get fingerprints on.

Either way, those are the best CD-R you can buy.


Ritek is always another good option.


I know it used to be but is it still?


Yeah the ritek CD-Rs were rated very highly back in the day and I still think they burn very well with plenty of writers. I got some recently and I am pretty happy about the results.


Good question. The ones I bought last year were still very good (and seem stable), but who knows with Ritek. :rolleyes:


Why take the risk when you can get real good media for the same $… :slight_smile:


Exactly! With the price of known good media not even being a real factor, why take the chance? I learned my lesson; only TY and Verbatim MCC 004 for me on DVD. Verbatim branded CMC CD-R for stuff I can get locally and TY if I have to order.


For CD-R, maybe. But if you want the best I think Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim (Super Azo, only the MIT/MIC ones which are RARE) are better choices than Ritek. The Ritek QC isn’t the best, and I don’t like the company :rolleyes:


I agree, but the original poster is already using Ridata.


Now that was a little funny :wink:


LOL @ CJ2 :bigsmile:

Anyway, I second…err third…ah whatever, I agree with the Verbatim/TY votes :bigsmile:

Prodisc CDRs (yes, Prodisc) have lasted over 2 years for me as well (and they were a mega cheapy brand :eek: ). Still, I wouldn’t use those for archiving/backing up, as you never know. :slight_smile:


For CDR, I have no hesitation… TY! (Maxell “Pro” looks just as good but I have no experience with them).

With CDRs, about anything under a reputable brand is kinda OK these days, but considering the low prices, I see no reason not to go for the best, for peace of mind.


Thanks guys, I ordered those TY discs today, should arrive Thursday.
Last year I started using TY DVDs and they’re amazing. I just wasn’t sure if their cds were also good. I guess they are.


Oops. My signature was supposed to refer to dvds, not cds. I’ll change it.


Does ty make cdr lightscribe?


I have the Maxell Pro CD-Rs. They are made by T-Y.

Unfortunately, even most Verbatim-branded CD-Rs don’t use Azo any more. Instead, they are using phthalocyanine from CMC and Prodisc (and sometimes MBIL).


Thanks fot the info. :slight_smile:

I’m confused now. I’ve heard about Maxell “high-grade”, Maxell “Pro”, Maxell “broadcast grade” (or something similar), now which ones are Maxell’s own media? Aaaaargh! [B]Dolphinius_rex[/B], [B]Dakhaas[/B], [B][Buck][/B], help! :doh: lol

Before Maxell started outsourcing, I was using mostly Maxell (Hitachi) CDR media and they were totally on par with TY, including total stability. Now Maxell “standard” line is mostly Ritek, unless they changed again since the last time I bought Maxell CDRs (2006/10).


As far as I know, the Maxell Pro is MIJ, ie., TY.