Help in choosing a new dvd drive

Hi all, with the limited DVD drives out there now and it seams they all originate from the same place, which would all consider the best way to go? the last I had is a ASUS 24D5MT, which is a bit of a disappointment, because after a while the computer wil not recorgnise it so have to re start, I know this question has been asked a million times but things change, any help would be appreciated, thanks.

Not many drives are available.

This Asus-drive is made by LG. Very good DVD-burner, but I had much issues with this drive-family.

The best overall-drive is a Pioneer BDR-209, but I don´t know if it is to expensive for you.

Can you tell what do you want to do with the drive? Reading/writing CD, DVD, …?

Hi general burning data and video,

Which drives you can get in your area?

Dont know as yet as not really gone in to it as samsung was my go to but they seam to have gone, liteon, lg, and some pioneer are showing up with some HP’s, but thats about it unless i look harder

Samsung left this business, LiteOn and LG are the last manufacturer of 5,25" Half Height DVD-writers.

Pioneer DVR-S21WBK = LG GH24NSDx

Pioneer DVR-S21 L xx = QSI (also left business)

HP uses mostly LiteOn and LG

Like I said, the best drive but expensive because it is a BD-drive = Pioneer BDR-209

Best DVD-writer in writing-quality: LG and the clones from Asus and Pioneer.

More reliable drive are the LiteOn, but not so good in writing-quality as LG

Cheers thanks will look in to it, need new so will look in to what and price available again thanks.

I am not sure where you get your hardware from but if you buy online look at the selection at and then compare the price for the same drive on Amazon. You may find that it is a few dollars cheaper on Amazon. I am a Amazon Prime member and I just bought a LG WH16NS40 drive from them with 2 day prime shipping with no tax and it was about $3.00 cheaper than from NewEgg.

In the end I bought a Pioneer DVR-S21WBK, same as the ASUS but different firmware, workes better than the ASUS, came from Germany in three days, not bad.

Have fun with it :slight_smile: