Help in buying Burner

I want to purchase an “External CD Burner” for my son. He has a “Hewlett Packard 6535” with Windows 98. However, I think it only has 32 MB of Ram. That is hard to believe if he has an “8 Gig Harddrive” but I think I am reading the specs right on the computer. Am I limited to what speed I can purchase, ex. 8X or higher? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Phil Fitzgerald:confused:

As for external writers (which is a hardware question rather than software, so moved it) you are limited by hardware.

Perhaps your PC has USB, if it doesn’t, you are most likely stuck with LPT port writers. Both writers are limited to 4x, dus to the transfer speed of USB/LPT

It might pay off to put in more memory…32MB is a bit low

Considering the relatively low cost of basic systems with a 24x or 32x burner included, why waste money on this rather antique system? You’ll get more RAM, HD and a burner. Even a laptop will make the HP look silly.