Help in burning with DVD+R DL and BenQ 1640

Hi, I just recently bought a 10 pack Verbatim DVD+R DL. It was kinda expensive at about $3 CAD per disk. I don’t really want to screw up and waste a disk. I’m not sure what programs you guys are using to backup your DVD’s. Some people told me to use Imgburn and some suggested other programs. I am leaning toward using Imgburn, but I’m not sure if there are other software that is as easy. I already have the images on the hard drive decrypted. I heard the BenQ 1640 will automatically change the booktype on the disk and that I don’t need to install Qsuite for that. Is this true? Should I install Qsuite? If so, what options should I enable? Do I need to change the booktype to DVD-ROM with Imgburn? Is that all that I need to do? Btw, my firmware is BSMB and should I flash to the newest firmware? Thanks!

Qsuite is free and a good utility with Solidburn and WOPC, you should have it. I would double check to make sure that the booktype is set to DVD-ROM with Q or cd/dvdspeed. Imgburn is a good burning utility, should be just fine for the job if you have decrypted files. Click the little book in the lower right hand corner to set the booktype and media type.

I got some Fuji DL 3 packs (RicohJapan even though they say Taiwan) that they sell at Futureshop and London Drugs for 10 bucks and they couldn’t be burnt until I upgraded to BSOB. I think you should use Qsuite (for the booktyping and overspeeding media) and the newest firmware. For burning images I use ImgBurn and for data I use Nero.

I use BSLB and get consistant burns at 95 quality or above.

The ripping and burning method is?

Also, how did you determine it was a quality at 95 or above?

Mine is

For SL
AnyDVD running in background
Mak an ISO with DVDShrink
Burn with ImgBurn

For DL
AnyDVD running in Background
Drag & Drop DVD to a HDD Directory
Make an ISO from Hdd files with DVDDecrypter
Burn with ImgBurn

Ripping with Decryptor in ISO mode, burning with Imageburn. Testing the quality with Nero CD/DVD speed.

Nice, not gonna get much better than that with DL. Hardly a difference at the layer break. What speed did you burn at? I assume you used the BenQ?

tas69, can you post a quality scan for those richoJapn discs using BSOB :slight_smile:

Yup, with the 1640. I get almost identical results at 6 and 8x.