Help in backing up DVD's

I have the DVD image made and put on my hard drive. My next step is what program to use to burn the file? I hear some ppl are using Imgburn because it’s the updated burning engine to DVD Decrpyter? Also what else do I need to do besides setting the burn as a DVD-ROM so that I can play this on a conventional DVD player? Can I do this with Imgburn? Thanks!

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Most modern BenQ/philips drives will burn with booktype DVD-ROM as default on DVD+R/RW’s.

Yes, Imgburn will perform the Book Typing for you. Click on the book icon to the right of the Write Speed combo box. BTW, you are aware that the Book Type is only valid DVD+R(W) media, right?
If you are burning an ISO image, I can’t think of anything else you would need to do to make it play on a settop player. Although some settop players are more finicky than others so YMMV.
Good luck.

One last question guys. Do I also need to turn on any of the drive settings like solidburn to ensure optimal burn quality?

That is a real open ended question, especially since you haven’t told us what drive/firmware/media combination you are using. Read the forums to find your combination and then it is trial and error from there.

Sgt, if you have a BenQ (which Solidburn is only on Phillips/BenQ drives), I would enable SB, but you’ll have to do that under QSuite 2.1 (you’ll have to d/l it from BenQ’s site if you don’t have it), under the Solidburn tab, and I have SB activated for both “known” and “unknown” media types (there are two sections with two choices, one under “known” and “unknown,” so activate on both sides). I would also burn only at the media’s rated speed: so if it is an rated for 8x burning, set the speed to 8x in your burning program (for DVD media).