Help in audio cd


i need 2 know if it possible to put a password on an audio cd and if there is a way i need 2 know it

thank u

FLESH&BONE!! :iagree:

No, it’s not possible… unless you create a disc that it’s out of specifications, or a CD-Extra with a data track at the end.

How would you play that disc in a regular CD player?

Are you talking about making a CD that anyone could listen to on a home or car CD player, but would need a password when used in a computer? (For example: when listening to it or ripping it using a computer?)

I could not really tell you whether or not that is possible (I imagine it is with some sort of “managed use” spyware program that is on a data track in a CD-Extra format), but I can tell you that chances are people would find a way around it. And in a much easier way than you would probably expect. If you were able to find a fool-proof way to do what you are asking, I’m sure the record labels would beat a path to your door and you would become a millionaire overnight!

Good Luck! :wink: