Help. I'm trying to flash DVR112D from 1.21 to MSC_edit RPC1 patched1.21 firmware

Hi. My 112D already has the latest 1.21 firmware (official) but I would now like to flash it with 1.21 that has been RPC1 patched with MSC_edit.

When I try to flash the patched firmware I just get a message something like “the latest firmware is already present” and it wont proceed. Is there any known work around?


Ok I’ve worked it out myself.

I’m a first time MSC_edit user and I didn’t realize it could patch both the firmware AND the flasher. So I just patched the flasher to “flash same to same” and it was fine. :smiley:

Doh. I just realized I clicked on the wrong forum. :o

This was supposed to go in the Pioneer DVD burner forum. :o :o :o

No wonder it seem so quiet in here. :smiley: