Help I'm Stumped

I’ve been using Platium now for 7 or 8 months now. :bigsmile: Greatest program and support anywhere. :bow: Now the problem. I’m trying to set it up on my wife’s machine. A Dell 8100 running Windows 2000. I’d like to keep the OS as it’s very stable doesn’t require as much ram memory. It had a Samsung DVDROM SD616 bp06 and I added a LiteOn DVDRW LH-20A LL06. Both drives will play movies fine, but with Platium or Decrypter, as soon and it starts to read the movie disc, a feedback screen pops up telling me it failed to get information. Any ideas? :confused: :o

Old operating system are the firmware for the drives up-to-date also is DMA enabled in BIOS :confused:

I have checked the firmware on both drives and it is up to date. I can find no reference to DMA in the Bios. I checked on my new machine and can’t find anything there about DMA either. It works fine with DVDFab.

Dell is known for disabling DMA in BIOS on their machines :eek:
You can check /enable DMA at the link below

Thanks, I’ll try it in the morning. I’m home now and the other machine in at my store.
Where in the BIOS would it be. I’ve never seen it.

Well, I guess it’s going to be a NO GO with this machine. I hooked up a portable HD with movies on it and Platium did burn from that, but took over an hour. I can’t find anyway to enable DMA. I loaded Nero 7 which keeps trying to reset the DMA everytime I reboot. It just ain’t there. If XP would make it work, I would put more ram in it and go that route, but I’m thinking the motherboard and BIOS still won’t have DMA. Don’t really have to burn DVD’s with it, just would like to. Anyone have a suggestion on this one?

DONVANTry the [B]DMA reset tool[/B] found at the bottom of my signature :cool:

I did download it to that machine. I already had it on this one. When I click on it, it just pops up a box asking what program do I want to use to open it. I couldn’t find a program to run it. When I go into device manager like I do on other machines and check for DMA or PIO, there is nothing about it there.