Help! im new to Alcholo120%



Hi every1
Well after using CloneCD and have trouble mounting FEAR & Star Wars E@W
image onto Virtual CloneDrive. I went ahead and downloaded the free trial of Alcholo 120% this pass Wed. so im new @ this!!!
I made an MDF of SWE@W disk 1 using Alcholo SecurROM 5/6/7. :smiley: & now when i mout that MDF image onto alcholo VD. It will work “only” if I use YASU too. So I was so happy :iagree: that I bought the lifetime downloads of Alcholo120% :iagree: Hey, if it works why not I can spare few $XX
But now i want to know if I can burn that MDF to working CD copy
without having to use YASU.
ps: do I even have to use YASU?? got yasu it off

I Have

Liteon SHW 160P6 PS0B
BenQ DW1655 BCIB

Nero 6.6
1ClickDVD Copy Pro 2416
CloneDVD2 2903
AnyDVD 6114

should I get rid of 1 of these drives for a better 1 and if so which 1 should I buy???
Im always looking to upgrade!

Thanks Allroy
ex CloneCD user


There’s posts discussing best drive etc on Alcohol’s customer only forum which you should sign up for.


Tanks Zamiell
i just read my Alcohol-Soft | Your Order Confirmation email
and know how to get to the forum Duh!!! "it helps to read"
thanks again