Help, I'm lost

Hi, I’m wondering if my Sony CD-RW will play in a regular, non-PC CD player. I don’t have one at home, but I have to present the CD to my music teacher, who will play it in class. I’m unsure of if the music will play properly or not.

When I open the folder for the music files on the CD, it says “DVD RW Drive (D: ) Audio CD.” Will the CD play on any CD player then, since it doesn’t say “data CD”?

P.S. My music teacher’s CD player is pretty new, by the way. It’s not like an ancient radio or something. But I haven’t tested it out there yet. I need a quick response, please! Thanks!! :)))))))

Using a cd-rw reduces the chance that a cd will play. Yes, newer players will play almost anything, but it’s always best to use a cd-r.