Help, I'm Looking for Gear-Driven DVD-ROM

Hi all,

I am preparing to purchase 136 systems for a computer lab, and I’m looking for a DVD-ROM drive to go in those systems that uses a gear-driven tray mechanism. We have 1700+ systems in our lab, and since they are on all of the time and are in a fairly harsh usage environment, we have discovered that the belts tend to wear on the belt-drive mechanisms and are our number one failure for the CD/DVD drives. So, we’ve been trying to get drives that use a gear-driven mechanism instead. We’ve used a few Lite-On drives in the past, but the ones I’ve looked at recently all seem to have belts.

Any suggestions for a reliable drive that has a gear-driven tray? We don’t need burning capability, but if that’s the only way to get the gear-drive, then upgrading is possible.

Thanks for any help,

have you checked the slot (not tray) optical units?

I haven’t looked at any slot loaded players. Do they use a reliable mechanism? Which drive manufacturers use this type of mechanism?

Thanks for the suggestion.


plextor do one, apple also do slot loading ones.

slot loading=$$$ and more chance of failure IMO

my liteon 160p6s and samsung 182 both have belt driven trays, but my older 8x liteon burner (~2003) and LG dvd-rom (~2002) are gear driven. there are probably very few newer drives with gear driven trays as belt is most likely cheaper to produce

Oh well, not much luck finding a gear driven drive. The slot loading type are too pricey to justify, the drive could die 4 times and be replaced at full price before matching the slot drive price. I guess we’ll just have to try a belt-drive player and hope the belts are made better these days.

Thanks for the suggestions though. I appreciate the feedback.


1700+ systems and an additional 136! WOW! What kind of a lab is this? You should get all those rigs folding! On second thought, It would probably cause brownouts in your area.

It’s a scalability, reliability, performance testing lab for Novell. We have a very unique and fun setup. :slight_smile: Very automated, and highly manageable. We do a ton of varied configurations, and can go from having a single test setup using the whole lab to having 5 or 6 (or more) different test setups all isolated on their own LAN segments, with unique client setups, with dedicated server hardware resources in less than 4 hours. All of the hardware is in one quadrant of one floor of our building, about 120’ square, full of rows of baker’s racks with systems stacked on them, so it’s pretty impressive to see. Of course, that makes our biggest problems power and cooling. 80% of the cooling for the whole 3 story building comes into our one room. But that’s a nightmare for the facilities folks to worry about. I just have to worry about keeping the systems all functional. :slight_smile:

We did, at one point, set the lab up to do SETI, and over that weekend the user name they were submiting to became the number one submitter. :slight_smile: But we generally don’t have that much free time on the resources to let them do such things. :frowning:


the cd freaks folding team would pwn with that much cpu power :smiley:

and if you set up the folding client as a service you wouldn’t have to worry about resources since it runs in the background at idle priority (ie: it won’t steal cpu cycles from any other programs :wink: )